An email from Wong

31 July 2007

The world no.2 & 3 sisters. They think Nicol is nothing, damn cocky..

but the matter of fact is that Natalie holds a 12-2 (win-loss) record world no.1 Nicol...

Rachael use the same racquet as me,

HEAD racquet rules!!!

Who has the sexiest ass in SP Squash?
Mao Mao

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Mao: 8 votes
Supermanjo: 2 votes

Congratulation to me winning the

Mao Mao Sexy ASS Contest 2007

*The LOSER has requested his a$% to be removed*

Contestant No.2, yours truly

Updated: 5th Aug 2007
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Mao Presents...

30 July 2007

An exciting & inspiring world-class squash event outing organized by:, The Official SP Squash Blog

MaoTube Presents: Boys Like Girls - The Great Escape

Click HERE to play in full screen

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+Left box width increased to 570px for expanded viewing area
+Song changed to Boys Like Girls - The Great Escape
+FF: Background image fixed
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Something Interesting

29 July 2007
Yesterday evening, Jyh Yong, Melvin & I were having dinner around Bouna Vista...

Suddenly Jyh Yong spotted an innocent-looking girl, and he said that she is 'not bad'.

So I prompted him to get to know her, but as usual..
he is freaking SHY!!

Then Melvin went to 2 of her friends, asked things about her,
it turned out that (the friend) is actually her sis, and guess wad..

the girl he was interested in, is only 11 years old!!

Melvin went speechless, Jyh Yong got OWNED...

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+Changed to 3 Posts per page to reduce loading time

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-FF,Safari: Still unable to dislpay background image
-FF,Safari: Still unable to use Add to Favorite button
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28 July 2007

LLY's friends surfing my blog!!!

that explains the 200+ hits...

Presenting the prestigious jersey to LLY

The scandal continues...

*the photo is for illustration purpose only*

Q: I believe you have seen the evidence, so why do you have a account registered under your nick and email?

MysteryPerson: "How I know.. I don't even know it was there lah!"

Q: Alright, so who do you suspect imposing you creating that account on 22nd Aug 2006?

MysteryPerson: "But a lot of people came to my house and use my com last August leh.."

Q: Can you recall the list of people and name a prime suspect?

MysteryPerson: "Jyh Yong"

Joseph and me


What the...

Help me!!!

He has a split personality (Joseph & Josephine)

Changes on
+ Change of poll host
+ Song changed to "Your Body Is A Wonderland"
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An Interview

26 July 2007
An exclusive interview with this mystery person:
(courtesy of LLY)

*To protect the person's privacy, e-mail address have been censored*

Click to see in full screen

Click on image to see in full screen

Since LLY did not ask you the 3rd question, I will.
Here it is:

So, Why do you have an account in

Click to see the EVIDENCE
Click on image to see the evidence

Here is the real webpage:

Click to enlarge

Here are some brief introduction to for those of you who don't know about this notorious website.

SGgirls once banned:

The Ugly Singaporean, Online:

My dear Jyh Yong fell in love with another man

Improvements on :
+"Official SP Squash Blog" flash banner added
+"MaoMao's Watchin' U®" cursor script

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-FF: Unable to use "Add to Favorite" buttons
-Safari: Wrong sized Mao's photo on the right-side bar
-ALL: font colours differs across browsers
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My Brain

24 July 2007

I got real worried when I saw this... REALLY REALLY REALLY!!!

So I went to the doctor to have a cat + x-ray scan...

This is the result...

So ladies, which of the below is yours?

Click on the image to enlarge

Click on the image to enlarge

Click on the image to enlarge

Esther already openly admitted that no.2 is hers


Joseph stole my Jyh Yong!!!
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Miami Ink

22 July 2007
As a result of the poll..

we gotta say good-bye to Mr.Froggy,

& please welcome's new image host: Photobucket!!

Let my share some photos with you from my favorite TV show.

Initial sketch..

The engraving process..

The masterpiece~ Isn't it beautiful?

And I dare bet Bryan just came back from a Miami vacation

Oh by the way, meet my new friend... Josephine

My best friend loves Bak Kut Teh
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Let's get Wild & Wasted

20 July 2007

as promised, here's my handsome EZ-link card:

One of a kind; symbol of youthfulness.


The LOA Joel gave me,
Thanks, but no thanks

As advertised, my blog's official launching party @ Zouk tomorrow!

Jyh Yong is Going Clubbing!!!

Time for a mini-marketing campaign:

got my scotch tape, but where did I put my banner?

Hey, is it crooked?

Yeah, nice~!

I'm the hottest guy in SP Squash!
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