28 July 2007

LLY's friends surfing my blog!!!

that explains the 200+ hits...

Presenting the prestigious jersey to LLY

The scandal continues...

*the photo is for illustration purpose only*

Q: I believe you have seen the evidence, so why do you have a account registered under your nick and email?

MysteryPerson: "How I know.. I don't even know it was there lah!"

Q: Alright, so who do you suspect imposing you creating that account on 22nd Aug 2006?

MysteryPerson: "But a lot of people came to my house and use my com last August leh.."

Q: Can you recall the list of people and name a prime suspect?

MysteryPerson: "Jyh Yong"

Joseph and me


What the...

Help me!!!

He has a split personality (Joseph & Josephine)

Changes on
+ Change of poll host
+ Song changed to "Your Body Is A Wonderland"