Squash Chalet/BBQ '09

26 April 2009

Mao warmly welcomes you to the squash chalet/BBQ 2009!

Mojo enjoying his chicken wing, prepared by Cally's grandma!

Three cheers for Cally's Grandma,

hip hip hooray!
hip hip hooray!
hip hip HOORAY!!!

Poor Jyh lost his wallet

anyone who happen to find his missing wallet please kindly contact:

the juniors serving the seniors+alumnus,
that's the way it should be!

Dom is late!

He punish himself by buying a cup for bubble tea...

Big praying mantis

scare the shit out of Mao

and everyone else...

Superhero Jyh saves the day!

(photo by Mao)

Jyh (Armor), LLY (BFSC), Yihao (BSLC)
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