2007 vs 2008

23 October 2008

Jyh @ ECP

Yihao @ ECP

Meli @ ECP

Some things don't change...

White top & black shorts for Joel...

Kenneth retained the red stripes...

I did some investigation after Yihao noticed mr.Wong wore the same shirt for every Children's Day...

18th Sep 2007

25th Sep 2007

2nd Oct 2007

21st Nov 2007

2nd Oct 2008

Can you tell the similarity in all the photos above?

That's right, mr.Wong wears the same shirt to work everyday! My guess is that his wife bought him a dozen of the same shirt at some megasale...
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Squash Comics

20 October 2008

Squash Comics Collection

is now available for download exclusively @ MaoMao.JustDied.com

The Squash Parody 2005

Squash IVP 2006

To download the file, right-click, "Save as",
while stocks last!

Download & install Winrar in order to unzip the file
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Illegal Immigrants

17 October 2008

Reminds me of my primary school days... HAHAHA

The 3 human cargo managed to squeeze into the back of Yihao's van...

Have we crossed the border?

The sign says: "No Photograph"

Mojo demonstrates how to talk on a black-carrot-cake-stained-phone-with-no-tissue-paper-to-wipe

On way journey back, Kenneth had a taste of the metal cage...
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Save The Blog, Save The World

15 October 2008

Looking for part-time guest blogger to assist in updating Mao Mao's Blog


  • Takes photos before/during/after squash training
  • Assist in organizing squash outings
  • Update MaoMao.JustDied.com
  • Interview Mao himself on a regular basis
  • Make sure Meli does not steal from the Federal Squash Reserve

  • SP Undergraduates/Fresh graduates
  • Minimum 1 to 2 year of blogging experience
  • Able to play squash
  • Able to take good photos/videos
  • Able to write crap
  • Literate in Photoshop
  • Preferably owns a camera phone/digital camera/DSLR
  • Possess the paparazzi spirit
  • 1 position available
  • Singaporeans, Permanent Residents & Study Permit holders are welcomed

$0.10/post, subject to approval, non-negotiable

Please send your résumé to mynameismaomao@hotmail.com,
successful applicants will be notified through email.

The Official SP Squash Blog
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ECP Group Photos

13 October 2008
Before I forget, here are the boring group photos:

Hey guys, how is squash training going?

And no Kenneth, I don't miss 肥雄's 肉脞面. There's nothing in the world like bubble tea (except HK milk tea). Oh, there is no SweetTalk in Tekong, horribly horrible... Can somebody lodge a complain to the World Human Rights Organization??

smuggle me a bubble tea please =P
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Longest Post

11 October 2008
At the place where hair on my leg is longer than those on my head...

Recruit Lau: SIR, Permission to use the computer SIR!

Officer: Com your head!! Get your a$% back to your stinking bunk, recruit!

Recruit Lau: Sir, for your info, I've been diagnosed with the if-i-don't-update-maomao-blog-i-will-die-disease, it is written in my medical report. You wouldn't want to be responsible if anything happens to...

Officer: TEN MINUTES! Ten minutes is all you've got!

Recruit Lau: Thank you Sir!

here we go

Yihao has sent me a formal complaint letter written by Galdys to Kopitiam Investment Pte Ltd, it will be the longest post in the history of Mao Mao's blog... in terms of number of words, so read it only if you have got nothing better to do...

To Kopitiam Management and whom it may concern,

I would like to lodge a complaint regarding one of your staff ___old b***h's name____ who works at the Clementi branch when as many as 8 of us were patronising the store for dinner like any other days as we are regulars for the past 4 years.

We would like to point out her attitude, content and manner of speech was extremely rude, unpleasant and disrespectful.

We reached the premise at around 10.40pm, some of my friends bought bubble tea. Soon after settling down, your staff approached us and started talking at the top of her voice rudely with a disgusted expression. She told us we were not allowed to bring outside drinks into the coffee shop for it will interrupt her business. She went on saying that they usually chase anyone who does that out of the premise. So we placed cups of half drank bubble tea and sealed ones at the corner of the table with our bags. She told us that it is still visible and that other customers could see. She hostilely ordered us to place all the drinks on the FLOOR! We were all very furious and unhappy with the way she treated us, especially the things she said.

Firstly, it was raining cats and dogs that night and the ground had puddles of water, we were sitting at the edge of the coffee shop where we could still get slightly drenched by the pouring rain. Secondly, we know that she was doing her job by letting us know and we were aware it was our blunder the moment she told us, but she could have relate to us in a more positive way. Thirdly, we had already put the drinks a side on the table while she demanded us to put it on the floor which is not only impractical but also totally unacceptable. Placing food and drinks on the floor is not what any person should do (it seems like we are stray cats and dogs for the moment). Fourthly, if customers had bought drinks from other places before settling into the coffee shop while they had bought or intended to buy food from your store, are you going to chase them out of the place and stop them from eating there?

We would like an explanation and know what actions you are undertaking to that staff and compensation for us, as well as a personal apology from the worker herself as she disrespected all of us and affected our mood in a great way.

SP Squash Dinner Gang + Kenneth Chan

Edited by LLY

And mojo has something to add...

Ok, time's up... =(
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Off To Tekong

09 October 2008
LLY is heading to Tekong, where he will serve his beloved country with pride and honour. A new flash banner has been unveiled in commemoration of this glorious day. Please be patient while the 3MB+ file loads. Also, I shall hereby announce the new url for Mao Mao's blog: www.MaoMaoJustDied.blogspot.com (www.MaoMao.JustDied.com will still work).

Lastly, a special edition SP Squash wallpaper is now available for download!

Wallpaper comes in 4 different sizes,
don't think you need me to teach how to use it, right?

Ok, I gotta go, I'll miss you guys!
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Last Dinner

08 October 2008
It's 'unfortunate' that Zainal came instead of Kenneth Chan. Well, at least he finally brought the rackets back, strung (not stringed!)

Kenneth reading Meli's bimbo book...

Meli is a what?

Wilson, who doesn't use a Wilson racket nor a Wilson ball, can consider collecting rubbish for a living...

Meli enjoys cleaning up too!

She has the potential to takeover the squash court cleaner aunty when the latter retires!

Mojo is excited about the $10 pizza!

Oops, forgot to photoshop away his red eyes =X

One of our great grand senior (whom is still unemployed) - Aunty Gladys, whom claimed to have read all of Mao Mao blog's post today!!

Mojo & his $10 salami pizza

No extra charge for the cheese, enjoy~

courtesy of LLY

How is he gonna eat it??

Mojo's revenge of my hawaiian!!

Luckily it turned out that the cheese wasn't enough =P

Meli is a happy girl -- happy that nobody will take her pic when I'm gone!

Mojo is still stoning @ his pizza which is flooded with delicious cheese (hopefully not made in China)...

Alien Cat from Mars, photo by Mojo...

Once again, Mojo is counting coins...

& yes, he bought his piggy bank to the restaurant...

The illegal immigrants in Yihao's van...

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Analyzing MaoMao Blog

07 October 2008

Mao Mao will be analyzing the data of his visitors.
Unfortunately, there will be no photos today...

Mao Mao will be using Google Analytics:

Mao a month's worth of data between 6Sep - 6Oct

(click on the images to see them in full size)

What posts did you read?

Most visit the homepage & followed by King of IKEA post...

How non-squashies found this blog on Google/Yahoo?

11 hits for "chinhow" & 1 hit for "Gaya squash sp"!!!

How did you reach the blog?

Here, you can often find blogs of other squashies...

Where did you access the blog from?

Global Disease Alert Map lookalike...

A more detail breakdown of countries:

Mao has fans all over the world!

How loyal are Mao's visitors?

One big group of "random visitors" + another relatively large group of loyal readers.

You know who you are!

So, what browser do you use?

Firefox beats IE!
Chrome is gaining popularity by the minute...

Windows, Mac?

Not surprised to find Windows dominate the chart..

How fast is your internet?

The data becomes pretty much useless because there are too many unknowns...
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