X'mas Party Part1: Westmall

24 December 2007

We were at Westmall waiting for Mao when there was one guy standing quite far away staring @ us.

Jyh and I were like "That guy not happy isit?! See wad see, let's go bash him up!!"

As we got closer, we realized that it was Mao (-_-)"

And then we went to supermarket to shop...

What's Mao doing??? =P

We then picnic in the middle of the supermarket,

sitting on sacks of rice eating sushi... =D

Jyh spilled the coffee all over the floor!!!

We barely had enough cash to pay..

Any chance to see mojo's neighbour's Lamborghini?
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More photos from squash camp

20 December 2007
More photos from the squash camp, lazy to edit.

Click to see in full-size, enjoy~

Those who regret paying $11 for the camp pls come take a group photo!!

Nope, I'm not gonna photoshop my face into the photos...

Heard its some friendly match against the dunno who and who squash academy...

Bully small kids, or is it vice versa...?

The kid don't look happy after the match huh?

What's this bunch of black stuff?

So glad that the stupid game is over...

See Gary's face, lol...

Is that mojo's... sex toy? =X

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Some obscene photos from the camp

19 December 2007

I wasn't there, so can Jyh or someone add descriptions to the photos?

This is the kind of thing that you willingly paid $11 to do?

Download the original photos HERE (~2.1MB)

Do share the photos you have with MaoMao.JustDied.com,
stop hiding them in your phone, laptop or some blog nobody knows about!

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Student Feedback

12 December 2007
Please complete your student feedback before 16 December 2007,
offenders will be kicked out of squash. =)

Step 1) Login to your SAS

Step 2) Academic > Student Feedback

Step 3) Fill in the form & click "Submit",
those who put all 1s will get free chocolate!!
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09 December 2007
Due to excessive hunting, people with the name "Jyh" in it are rare these days...

So, one glance on
ping.sg and I was damn sure the JYH user was none other than our SP Squash Captain Jyh Yong himself!!!

no sir...

This is REALLY REALLY REALLY Jyh Yong's blog:

see how similar it is to JyhSpot,
which I have created months ago... [see below]

Blogskin, ad placement are so similar...

Do support his blog & help him make some $ =D

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Mao's New Friend

07 December 2007

Mao, meet your new friend,
Mr. David "DVD" Alvis

(you must be thinking: who the hell is this?)

Picture of him getting caught buying DIAPERS =D
(you must be thinking: is this guy normal?)

Ok la, don't bully him la, he's LLY's classmate, whom happens to be a big fan and supporter of Mao Mao and his entertaining blog..

Let's get back to squashing:

Do watch how the 4th Amer-Pro Novice U19 Champion beats our coach Robino!

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