04 August 2007

Mysterious girl at Marigold IGC 2007
(photo by Kenneth)

Jyh says that by looking at her swing, stroke, way she walks, figure & backside,
he concluded that she's from
(signs of Jyh Yong getting horny again)

Catch her in action! (video by Kenneth, him again)

After our SAFRA, Jyh & I went to Kallang,
for the CIMB Singapore Women's Squash Masters 2007 FINALS!

Me outside the Kallang Squash Centre

Hey, LLY is there!

World no.1 vs no.2 (photo courtesy of

Anyway, the place was so freaking crowded that there's no way me (and that shortie) can see a damn thing

Anyway, Nicol bt Natalie 9-6, 9-5, 9-5 (54min)

Congrats on Nicol David on keeping her no.1 title,
heard from LLY that the ang moh just couldn't tahan the "Singapore heat"

So we went to KFC, leaving Kenneth & LLY to enjoy the game...

while Jyh prepares his birthday wish-list:

  • Whip
  • Dildo
  • Cactus condom
  • Extensible rod
  • Viagra (just in case)
  • Lingerie (G-string)
  • Doll

Please donate to "Jyh Yong's birthday-present-fund-foundation"

LLY & Kenneth joined us later

They screwed up my drink again!!!

LLY is the new ambassador of Marigold... LOL!

"Any fresher you'll have to peel it yourself"

I've got no choice but to opt for a healthier drink. (for now)

Jyh revealed that he would love to be on a road trip to Geylang on his next birthday,
to fulfill his 20 years old dream of losing his virginity.

And to circumcise himself. (The rest are too obscene to be posted)

Jyh Yong said that the girl in white behind me looks very "loose"
(photo by Kenneth, again!)

Nice car ~

Jyh: "Yes Let."

LLY: "NO LET!!!"

window-Shopping spree with Jyh Yong

Latest model from Wilson, cool~

A bit pricey though.

That explains that 10 additional hits to my blog,
feel free to tag!!

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