POLITE Games 2009 - SP vs TP

09 November 2009

In celebration of MaoMao.JustDied.com's 200th post,
we bring you exclusive coverage from
POLITE Games 2009!!!

friend or foe?

believe it or not, both SP & TP bought the exact same brand, colour & design for their team jerseys (-_-)"

SP girls warming up in preparation for a fierce battle against TP...

*top secret*

SP Captain Wilson reveals the men's line up

Gaya & her new hairstyle... oh no, she's gonna kill me for this~

there was a confusion on whether its British or American scoring system

let the game begins!

Captain Wilson playing the opening match against TP

Wilson goes down with 3-0, but there's still hope with 4 matches to go!

Germaine in action

oh, she misses the drop shot...

small Ben up next...

great save!! not even Van der Sar could have done it!

Jun, our #1 seed

while Germaine's match is still on-going...

go Germaine!!!

Jun takes the first win for SP

Nicholas, my junior's junior's junior...

well, our coach is obviously unhappy with the quality of the referees

Dave playing the 5th & final match...

photo by Mao

another one by Mao

"no flash photography please!"

Zainal giving the debrief,
or they call it AAR (after action review) in the army.