Dave's MTV

25 December 2008
Squashies Got Talent:

davewangbe when i grow up.wmv
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X'mas Party 2008

22 December 2008

Squash X'mas Party @ Mojo's place, again

last year's --> Squash X'mas Party 2007

Food catered by Yihao's parents...

the hungry squashies, look @ Ting Ting's hand!


Official food testing session conducted by LLY & Kenneth

LLY & Kenneth declared the food safe for consumption

& so the feast begins!!!

wait, there's more...:

Canadian Pizza!!

& then the game segment which I will not elaborate...

After the rest have left, Mojo opened his present,

something Kenneth bought from IKEA,

made for kids 24-months old & above

the new superhero: Supermanjo -.-

Later we went out for supper...

Mojo ordered this freakish GREEN chicken, looks like grilled pieces of Hulk of you ask me

He definitely enjoys the dish...

Jyh & his wanton noodle...

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Bedok 肉脞面 Outing

19 December 2008

Everyone is late, as usual...

Meet Dave & his Mexican hat...

Yihao unable to move thru the human jam...

On our way to a place far far away call Tampines

empty seat = happy


and so the friendly match begins...

Meli presenting the new squash girl look

ChinHow the Tyco Freak in action

Mojo act coach

post-match review

almost got strangled for losing the match...

Kenneth up next...

posing for the security camera...

Dave advertising for the Official SP Squash Blog,

while Mojo is having an one man party

Mojo is a happy boy!

Mojo marching Russian army style @ TP


Finally we arrived @ the Bedok hawker centre for dinner...

Mojo & ChinHow enjoying their food...

偷 stingray 的小女孩!

Kenneth: "Meli scavenging for every last bit of the fish"

Meli is a happy girl~

Mojo gives the 肉脞面 a rating of:

Group Photos:

Auto mode

Twilight portrait mode,
ask me for the original ones

Again, empty seat = happy

Dave & Mojo gaying at the back of the bus...

Photo scandalous enough for STOMP

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