Dinosaur Bones as TROPHY

28 October 2007
Photos taken from http://www.squashtalk.com/

Squash match held @ a MUSEUM,
hopefully nothing come alive at night =X

John White with a split, does that reminds u of some1??

John White won 3-1,
prize? A big-a$$ DINOSAUR BONE

small bone for the loser, Amr Shabana

As happy as dogs with bones =)
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Queensway Seafood Outing

28 October 2007
Another www.MaoMao.JustDied.com Event:

Queensway Seafood Outing,
Please refer to the poster for more details:

Don't ask me which idiot's idea was it to eat seafood @ Queensway... =X
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25 October 2007
Got my $$$ robbed by someone last nite...
But I managed to snap a few of the robber's photos!!!
To be seen later in this post...

But first, let's go thru wad happened earlier in the evening...

The rest went for their (crazy) 6.4km jog @ the stadium,
Not joining them since I juz had my 2.4 with my frenz,
(which I managed to clock under 10min!!! =D =D =D)

Went FC5 with Mao to makan instead...

Mao, wad's that on ur hand??

It's another tattoo... Mao's addicted to Miami Ink

what $?

I dun owe anybody any $...

While I was defenseless with a leg cramp,

Jyh strikes!!!



I was robbed to pay for Joel's bd present

the next victim..?

Mao trying out other ppl's racket...

wad's that sound?

Did he juz cracked the racket??!

Ok, I dunno anything =)
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Funny Photos, LOL!!!

22 October 2007
Enjoy (",)

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A Letter Which Took 64-years to Deliver

21 October 2007
(Original Eng version of the one in today's LianHeZaoBao)

"A postcard that a Japanese soldier mailed from a Southeast Asian battlefront during World War II has reached a recipient in Japan 64 years later, a university whose student helped deliver it said Saturday.

Shizuo Nagano, an 80-year-old retiree in Japan's southwestern state of Kochi, received the card Friday — by way of Nagasaki, Arizona and Hawaii — said a statement from Mukogawa Women's University.

Nagano's former colleague at a retail store, Nobuchika Yamashita mailed the card in 1943 from Burma, now called Myanmar, a year before Yamashita died at war at age 23, the university statement said.

It said the card had initially failed to reach Nagano's address in Nagasaki, and was instead collected there by an American soldier during the U.S. occupation after Japan's 1945 defeat.

The American kept it at his Arizona home until he died 25 years ago and was kept by his son — who moved to the Hawaiian island of Maui and then gave the letter to a Japanese exchange student he met through his wife, who taught her sewing, the statement said.

"I never would have guessed I could see (Yamashita) again this way ... I'm overwhelmed," Nagano said as he was handed the postcard by the student, who spent two years after her return from Maui trying to find Nagano through the government. The student, Yuko Kojima, is now a sophomore at Mukogawa Women's University."

Source: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1913995/posts
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Mao's Cold Jokes Episode2

19 October 2007
Mao Mao's COLD Jokes Series,
Season 1 Episode 2:

contributed by: Yihao

At a bar in New York, the man on Ah Beng's left tells the bartender:


and his companion on the right says, "JACK DANIELS, SINGLE".

The bartender approaches Ah Beng and asks, "AND YOU, SIR ?"

He replied : "Tan Ah Beng, MARRIED!"
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Squashing @ Hwa Chong

17 October 2007
Photos of the friendly match between SP & HwaChong JC organised by Zainal,
we warmly welcomes our HCJC friends to www.MaoMao.JustDied.com !!!

Copyright www.LLY.get.to

moJO is full of confidence to beat Hwa Chong,
so much so that..

Copyright www.LLY.get.to

he can catchup with his beauty sleep... (-_-)"

Copyright www.LLY.get.to

moJO needs a bolster...

Copyright www.LLY.get.to

wad better bolsters are there than Jyh Yong??

Copyright www.LLY.get.to

Caught Jyh vandalizing the Elective Squash notice!!

Copyright www.LLY.get.to

Stupid Jyh kidnapped my racket & force me to pay the $10 $20 $30 ransom for Joel's bd present!! =(

Copyright www.LLY.get.to

moJO cant wait to see the hot girls @ HwaChong...

Copyright www.LLY.get.to

some1 said he looked like a HORSE,


Copyright www.LLY.get.to

Joel lost her phone, AGAIN!!!

Copyright www.LLY.get.to

Jyh whom is always hungry...

Copyright www.LLY.get.to

Aunty Esther was damn late, we missed FOUR buses becoz of her!!!

Finally we reached Hwa Chong

Copyright www.LLY.get.to

which idiot said that's Sir Stamford Raffles' statue??

Copyright www.LLY.get.to

this reminds of the Long March...

Copyright www.LLY.get.to

HCJC's squash notice board...
wad's "ross"?

Copyright www.LLY.get.to

Bryan first to go...

Copyright www.LLY.get.to

while the rest gets distracted by the Hwa Chong netballs girls in training...

Copyright www.LLY.get.to

Gary up next...

Copyright www.LLY.get.to

Squashing, Fear Factor style...

Copyright www.LLY.get.to

Kelvin, the one who got no stamina...

Copyright www.LLY.get.to

Got thrashed by the girl, no comments (",)

Copyright www.LLY.get.to

Jyh playing his 2nd game...

Copyright www.LLY.get.to

Kenneth: "Meet our new friend, Aeki !!!"

Copyright www.LLY.get.to

how do u "maomao" someone?
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