31 August 2007

Joel pls take note...

Part of some msn conversations:

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Just Another Training

30 August 2007

Mao doing the warm-up.

Jyh training the girls as usual...

Mao in action!

Jyh promoting his favorite brand of grip

Funny shot by Ken neth, and...

Doors' locked...

Mao admiring his *ahem*

Uh oh...



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ECP Xtra: Esther's mini-photoshoot

28 August 2007

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ECP Xtra: Panoramic

27 August 2007

(Click to enlarge, 1116KB)

A 180-degree view of the sea from

East Coast Park

For those who are interested for the perfect shot:

Camera: Nokia N80 main
Scene Mode: Landscape
F-value: F/3.5
Focal Length: 5mm
ISO-spd: ISO-20
(the rest varies)

Total photos used: 10x 3.2megapix (1536x2048)
Original resolution: 15.2megapix (8008x1889)
Overlapped+cropped area: 16.33megapix
Effective usage: 52%

Kindly contact me if you want the full-sized panoramic photo.

Changes on
+New display pic of Mao
+Re-shuffled the right side bar's content
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27 August 2007

HEY!!! dun leave me behind!!!

Jyh drooling for ice-cream......

WARNING: ice-cream is fattening!!!

that taste exactly like "chilled hot-chocolate"

Stingray, lala, fried vege, fried oyster for dinner..

yum yummm~

kena conned by the lousy store,
more than half the shells are EMPTY, cheat my feelings~

Ken neth nv eat his rice...

BBQ wings~!!

My a$% hurts aft riding for the whole day =S

Jyh emo again~

Stupid jam + surchage made us pay double

as compared to the arrival trip

--The End--

Next, exclusively on :
Esther's East Coast Park mini-photoshoot!!!

(We shall find out for once & for all whether she will increase the popularity of the blog)

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27 August 2007

Had lunch @ Bedok..

got severely pinched by Joel for being slightly late... =(

2 idiots waiting for taxi...

Shared cab there with Jyh, Jh & Yihao...

"The HOT & The NOT"

These ppl dunno how to bargain one,
ended up paying $10 for the lousy bike =S

Joel & Esther opted for blading instead...


Look @ Jyh's face~

Sth wrong wif the bike??

Are u alrite...?

Jyh: "My balls hurt."

End of Part1,
let's take a break for Jyh's balls to recover...

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