Do not watch Heroes because...

28 November 2007

Why bother watching Heroes when we've got a Superhero in our SP Squash Team??

Oh, it's NOT Mao Mao, scroll down somemore...

It's Super-mojo!!!

Diao (-_-)"

just kidding... =P

Catch the Heroes trailer HERE
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NAPFA Test 2007

28 November 2007

Click HERE to find out more about Jyh Yong's NAPFA Test...
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Videos from Staff Student Games 2007

23 November 2007
Some short video clips from Staff Student Games 2007, enjoy~

Mao vs Lecturer (49 seconds)

Gary vs Mr.Tai (71 seconds)
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4th Amer-Pro: Day 2

22 November 2007
(No photos for Day1, coz I wasn't there!)

Gary using my expensive racket coz he broken his string...

Yet another I-could-have-win match by Gary

I lost, Jyh lost & then I lost to Jyh...

Kelvin mastered the Jyh-split & beat that SJI boy!!

Don't say never!!

Old men acting cute... (-_-)"

Jyh insisted that he use my phone to take pic of "Mao's-ex-gf"


Nope, not her, the one behind...

Jyh sucks at taking photo!!
Anyway, he insisted these pics to be posted up.

Signing Joel's birthday card... =S

Jyh's friend gave him a Pizzahut voucher worth.. erm.. a pizza

Long story short, nice pizza!
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Training As Usual

20 November 2007
Guys, no Amer-pro going on I guess,
so training as usual tomorrow,
here's a screen-shot of the SMS:

screen-shooting a screen-shot =)
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Staff Student Games 2007

17 November 2007

mojo didn't answer any of our calls,
& he's the only one who has the court keys =S

Mao decided to do some stunt,

exclusively for

Spiderman-mao in action...

& Mao leaps down from the top of the glass!!

nice ass landing there...

Jyh busy studying...

Jyh showed us some "Model Answers":
"Therefore on the pump is working,..."


We sit @ Vanda Room do nothing, zzz...

More like kena sabo-ed...

First up is Mao
(for the record, the lecturer didn't climb over the glass wall)

Jyh vs Wong

Wong managed to remain undefeated for a decade!!

mojo vs some school's director...

Gary vs mr.Tai (whom gave me a grade-C last sem!)

Gary swing & hit him on the forehead...

Result for the Staff Student Games 2007:

Thanks to SP Squash, Student beats Staff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Captain Jyh went to collect our prizes...

Lee Hua Jewelry paper bag somemore...

Sorry, its only a swiss knife (-_-)"

Did Mao say the word... "hot"?

How's the buffet food...?

I will take that as delicious!

Jyh loves the food too...


Mao is high from the bandung drink...
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Mao's Cold Jokes Episode4

16 November 2007
Mao Mao's COLD Jokes Series,
Season 1 Episode 4:

contributed by: LLY & Seb... (corrected)

Q: Mao 的脚很酸,为什么...?

A: 因为他踩到柠檬 (-_-)"

Scroll down for a even funnier joke...

Q: Why wouldn't Bryan get the joke above?

A: Because he can't read Chinese!!!

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Amer Pro 4th Junior Squash Invitational 2007 Draw

13 November 2007
Amer Pro 4th Junior Squash Invitational 2007
Draw result fresh from the oven



(Right click > "Save as")

Just in case some jokers doesn't have Excel,
you can download the Microsoft Excel Viewer 2003 or Open Office 2.3.0

For more info, please visit the official site,
with an almost-impossible-to-spell url:
I'll give you $10 if you can spell that faster than my blog's url =)
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10 November 2007
click to find out more,
Scroll down & skip the text for the photo...

Jyh: "Why maomao blog so long never update one?"

Because a few days ago, while "someone" (I nv mention ur name ah)
was surfing the infamous,
he came across this very photo & told me about it...

Unfortunately, that dumbo lost the damn url (-_-)"
Dig for it for 2 days, and I finally found it:

Free Image Hosting at

Link to the page:
(warning: may contain adult contents, enter @ your own risk)
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Vice-Captain says...

06 November 2007
The Vice-Captain mojo says...

Check the tagboard if u cant see the image above (",)
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04 November 2007
Nuffnang never give me sufficient time to prepare for the AD!!!
(see screenshot below)

On one hand, I'm glad they chose to advertise once again;
On the other hand, I'm disappointed that insufficient time was given for me to prepare the blog for it...

Shan't explain much, but I manage to fixed it in time...

See, the mail was sent no more than 5 hours before the Ad campaign starter...

The other one was much better...
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