POLITE Games 2009 - Match Videos

14 November 2009

Some video clips from POLITE Games 2009,
click to watch it High Quality on YouTube, enjoy~

Wilson vs TP

Nicholas vs TP

small Ben vs TP

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POLITE Games 2009 - SP vs TP

09 November 2009

In celebration of MaoMao.JustDied.com's 200th post,
we bring you exclusive coverage from
POLITE Games 2009!!!

friend or foe?

believe it or not, both SP & TP bought the exact same brand, colour & design for their team jerseys (-_-)"

SP girls warming up in preparation for a fierce battle against TP...

*top secret*

SP Captain Wilson reveals the men's line up

Gaya & her new hairstyle... oh no, she's gonna kill me for this~

there was a confusion on whether its British or American scoring system

let the game begins!

Captain Wilson playing the opening match against TP

Wilson goes down with 3-0, but there's still hope with 4 matches to go!

Germaine in action

oh, she misses the drop shot...

small Ben up next...

great save!! not even Van der Sar could have done it!

Jun, our #1 seed

while Germaine's match is still on-going...

go Germaine!!!

Jun takes the first win for SP

Nicholas, my junior's junior's junior...

well, our coach is obviously unhappy with the quality of the referees

Dave playing the 5th & final match...

photo by Mao

another one by Mao

"no flash photography please!"

Zainal giving the debrief,
or they call it AAR (after action review) in the army.

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NS Farewell Dinner 2009

29 September 2009
NS Farewell Dinner 2009

Do visit the official event page on Facebook
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CIMB Squash Masters 2009 Finals!!!

08 August 2009

CIMB Singapore Women's Squash Masters 2009 @ Kallang Squash Centre

Finals in the afternoon, World #1 Nicol David vs Natalie Grinham!

Admission is free, Kenneth & I skipped lunch just to get there early to chop seats!

(Mao @ CIMB Women's Squash Masters 2007)

Mao failed to turn up...

For the benefit of those who weren't following the tournament, matches are played best of 5, American scoring system.

First set was a close fight, which we saw some amazing rallies (and a lot of Lets). The Malaysian marginally took it by 11-9.

Despite the Grinham's effort in opening a comfortable 6 point gap with an 8-2 advantage early in the second set, Nicol David proved why she's the World No.1 by winning a 9 point streak finishing the game @ 11-8!!

Natalie was determined to put up a fight despite losing 2-0. Nicol seemed fresh & energetic, running to volley every possible shot. On the other hand, the Dutch was showing obvious signs of fatigue, her attempt to slow the game down by constantly lobbing the ball to the back court proved futile & finally lost the final set at 11-9.

Runner-Up: Natalie Grinham (NED)

MaoMao.JustDied.com would like to congratulate Nicol David of Malaysia for winning the CIMB Singapore Women's Squash Masters 2009!!!

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BRAND NEW SP Squash Blog

01 August 2009
MaoMao.JustDied.com Present:
A brand new SP Squash Blog
"By the squashies; For the squashies"

SPsquash.blogspot.com receives a rating of 3.5/5 Maos

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10 May 2009

Top 5 reasons why YOU should join SP Squash

  • you get to hit balls and burst them! -Gaya

  • "simulates" the mind while playing..ya wat -Meli

  • ball is small, my hands small ma -Cally

  • cuz joseph's in squash and everyone loves joseph so join squash -Mojo

  • squash is a intensive sports.. it gives u a thrill which other sports can't give u.. u get to exercise many set of muscles while playing squash.. it's a special sports.. although individual, we work as a team to win the game for the sch or club.. -Yihao

Sign-up for squash with the camera-shy Captain Wilson!

you stand a chance to

Meet Dave,

& his pink toe nails...

& the legendary Mao Mao

Mother's Day Special poster in SP,
vandalized by creative students...
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Squash Chalet/BBQ '09

26 April 2009

Mao warmly welcomes you to the squash chalet/BBQ 2009!

Mojo enjoying his chicken wing, prepared by Cally's grandma!

Three cheers for Cally's Grandma,

hip hip hooray!
hip hip hooray!
hip hip HOORAY!!!

Poor Jyh lost his wallet

anyone who happen to find his missing wallet please kindly contact:

the juniors serving the seniors+alumnus,
that's the way it should be!

Dom is late!

He punish himself by buying a cup for bubble tea...

Big praying mantis

scare the shit out of Mao

and everyone else...

Superhero Jyh saves the day!

(photo by Mao)

Jyh (Armor), LLY (BFSC), Yihao (BSLC)
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